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Offering permanent housing and residential services for adults with intellectual disabilities and autism.  Branches, LLC thrives to provide these services in a home-like setting. Branches, LLC provides self-driven professional services to individuals in the home and community.

Branches, LLC was established in 1998 with two homes. The dream was to create a safe, healthy, family-like atmosphere and to allow people to direct their own lives.  Our staff provides professional and caring support which enables them to live as independently as possible.  Branches has 10 agency-owned homes and currently serving 25 consumers.  By owning our homes, we are able to respond to the individual needs of the consumers we serve.

As we look to the future, Branches, LLC is committed to expanding our reach and enhancing our services to meet the growing needs of our community. We are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve the quality of life for our residents by integrating the latest in care practices and technologies. Our goal remains steadfast: to foster an environment where every individual is valued and has the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life.



Main Office

121 Peirce Rd

Hudson, Maine 04449 ​

Tel: (207) 945-9998

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At Branches, we believe that our residents don't live in our facilities, we work in their homes.  It is our mission to provide quality, professional residential services in a home-like atmosphere for adults with intellectual disabilities.  It is also our mission to assist people in reaching their highest potential for both our consumers and our staff.

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